The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool


Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this massage technique encourages lymphatic drainage for smoother-looking skin.

Our Gua Sha Facial Tools are crafted from natural Rose Quartz gemstones, metaphysically known for increasing self-love.

This small tool is used to scrape and massage, fitting perfectly into every curve of your face for incredible beauty and wellness benefits - right from the comfort of your own couch. Besides relaxation and a major self-care moment, you’ll also notice the following:

  • Temporarily releases muscle tension 
  • Glowing and luminous complexion
  • Enhanced and sculpted features.  Refreshed under eyes to look more awake
  • Soothes the most stressed or tired skin

  • Recommended for: Gua Sha facial tools can be used by those with all skin types.

    Using Rose Quartz Gua Sha daily can help to:
    + Improve the appearance of elasticity of the skin
    + Reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines
    + Ease facial muscle tension
    + Help facial oils and moisturizers to absorb better into the skin when massaged in with a Gua Sha Tool

    100% Rose Quartz. Listing is for one shape or a set. Due to natural formations in the stones, each tool will be unique. Color will vary slightly from the picture that is listed.

    How to Use:

    • Before using Gua Sha, smooth a few drops of Facial Oil onto the skin. This will help the tool glide across the skin with ease, while helping the oil to absorb better.

    • Begin in the center of the face and move outwards with gentle but firm pressure.

    • Massage from center of face by nose outward towards cheeks. Then proceed to massage down chin and up forehead.

    • To end, very gently roll down the sides of the neck and then towards the center of the clavicle; this helps to move fluid built up in the face towards the center of the body where they can be more effectively processed.

    • Store in the fridge for extra soothing effects.