High Vibe Polish


Positive Times is a women-led brand, hand-crafted by Danielle & Jami in their studio in Brooklyn, NY. Each collection is inspired by the connection of mind, body & earth and the confidence that manifests from it.

All +x polishes are vegan, 10-free and hand-mixed in Brooklyn, NY.


MOONSTONE: Intuition, Desire, Feminine Energies 

ROSE QUARTZ: Love, Hope, Gentleness

TIGERS EYE: Courage, Focus, Anxiety Relief

BLACK TOURMALINE: Mental Clarity, Protection

24K High Vibe:  A glittery and shimmery, gold with a 24k gold leaf flakes. This polish contains leaf flakes of 24K Gold: Success, Abundance, Optimism

Sodalite: Intuition, Objectivity and truth

Clear Quartz:  Amplification of energies and intent 


 All polishes charged under a Brooklyn, NY full moon