Rose Quartz Eye Mask


Wake up your whole face. This intricately woven Rose Quartz Eye Mask is a seamless way to reduce puffiness and strain muscles around the delicate eye areas, combat fatigue from screen time + help eye cream absorb better. 

The coolness and weight of rose quartz helps relieve sinus discomfort, and reduces the look of puffiness and fine lines Quartz remains cold while in contact with the skin and this helps to tighten the skin.

Also a good use for meditation, the quartz helps calm the soul and brings about deep relaxation and tranquility.  Rose quartz radiates universal love promoting feelings of peace + harmony.

Rose quartz is better for combination and sensitive skin that may require more nourishing.

How to care for your Rose Quartz Mask: These are delicate, always handle with care. Gently blot dry with a soft cloth or hand rinse with water and gentle soap after each use. Pat dry with a towel and lay flat to dry completely on a dry towel.