Genesis Reiki Infused Necklace


Ripple Necklace brings the power of intention by infusing reiki to modern and minimal gold filled jewelry with AAA grade stones. Sourced from the highest quality available that focuses on designs to anchor you back into intention to create a ripple effect in your everyday.

Reiki Infused, Highest Quality Stones

Every piece is not only designed with intention for day to day wear but are sourced from the highest quality available.

Each stone is harvested across the world and infused with reiki - positive life force energy to help you move closer to the life you’ve dreamed of.

Ripple's hope is that you use these designs as an anchor point, a tangible intention, a reminder of what you are capable of.

Stones:  AAA grade stones

Chain: 14k Gold filled necklace chain and closure

What is gold filled?

Gold filled contains a solid layer of gold. It is made to last long and is a great alternative to solid gold. The chain is sweat and water proof making it great for your long term daily wear.

For long lasting shine we recommend removing it in heavy salt water and chlorine or heavy duty skin and body care (ie heavy oils, peels, retinol, acids, etc.)

Size: 16”-17” chain length

Photo Feature stone: tiger's eye