Our Mission

We believe that being conscious should extend to all areas of our life which is why each product we offer is either made by our teachers and practitioners, eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free, sustainable, minority supported and/or infused with love. Let us do the hard work and leave the rest up to you.

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Each and every product is thoughtfully and selectively chosen, with respect for the people we work with and our customers. We value the time of handmade, understand the benefits of organic,  believe in sustainably-sourced, and demand fair-trade. Every choice we make impacts the world around us. Let us make wise choices together. 

Breathe a bit easier

knowing that you are making a difference today.

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This is my one stop shop for all gifts. Thank you for finding the best things to share with others.

Emily O.Client

My favorite thing about Breathe is that all the research is taken care of. I can trust that they are making the most conscious consumer choices.

Jenn M.Client